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The Anatomy of Cellulite

The thighs and buttocks are the only areas afflicted with cellulite. This is because this area in the body is a reservoir of nutritional fat that nature has put aside to provide food for the infant in pregnancies associated with low food intake. This fat is not easily mobilized, so it is very difficult to remove. Normally, a fat cell, known as an adipocyte, has two receptors: one receptor stimulates fat to be utilized in a process known as lipolysis, and a second receptor prevents, or inhibits, lipolysis. The first receptor is known as a beta receptor and the second one is called an alpha receptor. Only in the area designated for pregnancy nutrition do the fat cells contain two alpha receptors and one beta receptor.

So try as you might, you cannot remove this fat by vigorous dieting or exercise you NEED SOME EXTRA HELP TO GO WITH THIS! Which is why our art of body contouring is so effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite on the skin that we have perfected the technique and really works.

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