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Connective tissue is dynamic. This is because it connects all the systems within the human body. It's what we call the in-between stuff, because it's found in-between bones, between muscles, surrounding muscles and tying organs and tissue together.

It literally connects every aspect of our body to one another.

Connective tissue is primarily made up of two proteins:

Collagen which provides strength

Elastin which provides flexibility or elasticity as the name suggests.

Therefore connective tissue is intimately connected to flexibility

Types of connective tissue:



Scar Tissue



Benefits of Our Connective Tissue Release may be:

Reduce pain

Feel freer and lighter

Increase energy

Increase breathing capacity

Restore muscle function

Restore postural alignment

Promote self-healing and relaxation

It restores the bodies own powers by improving circulation & nervous system transmission

Unlock emotional releases

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