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Updated: Nov 24

In order to understand what how health can be boosted from a lymphatic drain massage it's best to explain what the lymphatic system in our body does!

  • The lymphatic system is our body’s natural plumbing system.

  • It maintains fluid levels in our body tissues by removing all fluids that leak out of our blood vessels.

  • The lymphatic system is important for the optimal functioning of our general and specific immune responses.

  • The lymph nodes monitor the lymph flowing into them and produce cells and antibodies which protect our body from infection and disease.

  • The spleen and thymus are lymphatic organs that monitor the blood and detect and respond to pathogens and malignant cells.

  • The lymphatic system plays an important role in the absorption of fats from the intestine.

  • When the lymphatic system has not been working well or has been damaged by surgery, radiotherapy or tissue damage, a swelling of a part of the body may occur (most commonly the legs and toes, arms and fingers). When this swelling lasts more than about three months it is called lymphoedema. 

  • When it’s not functioning well the lymphatic system may have a role in obesity, Crohn’s disease and other disorders.

Now you know a small overview of what the lymphatic system does in our bodies and it idenitifies how important it is to manage this system to operate optimally.

How does the lymphatic system work?

Unlike the heart and lungs that work on an automated pump action the lymphatic system requires continous movement of the body in order to operate its functional role. In early human centuries we always moved in order to survive we managed farms, industry, homes, gardens and only had walking, horses, train or boat transport so movement was apart of our every day life.

Presently in the modern age we evolved and have comforts of lounges, supermarkets and technology. We are what we call the sitting age and our lymphatic system often sufferers to functionally work that can cause many or most of our body dysfunctions.

How does lymphatic massage work? All massages are different and lymphatic is too. Because the lymphatic system sits close to the surface of the skin it doesnt require alot of pressure. It however does require the therapist to know how to strip and pump slowly in one direction towards the lymph nodes of that area. This can be uncomfortable if your system hasn't worked for awhile and improves with every session. The majority of your massage will be at the front of the body around the pelvis, neck, armpits, face, which is where the majority of the lymph nodes reside with a some in the back of the body.

During the massage for more sensitive people your sinuses can activiate and for the very senstive your sinus can seem flu like. After the session you will feel lighter, more mobile and in some cases lose that water weight during the session.

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