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Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Many of our services deal with connective tissue release. This is the simplest term that best describes our treatments and services available at Body Therapist.⠀

Our treatments include the use of silicon cups. These cups glide over the surface of the skin which is an effective dispersing therapy because of the drawing out effect of vacuum from the cup which separates and opens out the constricted tissue fibres to promote an increase of blood supply to the effected area. This in-turn can release tightness, increase metabolic uptake and eliminate the reasons for pain. ⠀

As result of this method the most misinterpreted and common cupping concern from our patients is referring to the marks created by the cups as bruises. ⠀


The term bruise would be an incorrect description for cupping marks. This is because by nature a bruise generally has some pain associated when the area of the mark is touched and therefore because of this particular trait, marks left by cups should not feel painful to touch if applied correctly.⠀

However during the process of receiving the therapy, for long-term injury in a patient, the patient may need to go through some discomfort as the cups break down and readjusts the integrity of the tissue that is being worked on. ⠀


Marks only occur when the therapeutic process has drawn pathogenic factors to the skin surface. Which is why this method is effective in treating blood stagnation, by moving stasis and allowing a refill or fresh blood to recuperate the tissue which accelerates the healing process and aids in reducing pain. ⠀


A variation of colours can be left by the cup and can suggest to the therapist a deficiency, stagnation, medium term injury and long term injury. These marks are generally used as base line of continued treatment for the patient to ensure relief or management of the injured area is ascertained. ⠀

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