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Cellulite Reduction

Our Cellulite Reduction treatment at body therapist uses a combination of fat cavitation and trilipo radiofrequency technology to target and reduce the size of fatty cells. We generate heat to target fat cells and release them through the lymphatic system. 

There are a few key factors when it comes to cellulite reduction to consider.

  • The vast majority of women have or will develop, cellulite. It is caused by a range of factors, many out of an individual’s control. It occurs when fat breaks through connective tissue, causing the skin above to pucker.

  • There are many myths about how and why cellulite is formed. Cellulite is more closely related to hormones, exercise, and physical activity and is not only prevalent with overweight people.

  • Cellulite does not necessarily disappear with weight loss and is located in the upper level of the skin which is why fatty tissue and volume are reduced but cellulite does not always disappear.

  • It is difficult to treat condition and there is no procedure on the market that can effectively remove all cellulite, however, we can visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite using a combination of medical-grade technologies to treat the area.

  • Cellulite is not necessarily a “fat” problem, but rather a skin structure problem occurring far below the surface of the skin.

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